BEEWORX @ work

  • Conference
    ApiJuneda display at Apiculture Industry Conference 2014, Wanganui NZ
  • Defender 1
    Transporting 48 singles
  • Honey Room
    Extracting honey at BEEWORX facility
  • Defender 3
    ApiJuneda Beekeeping Manipulator mounted on ute.
  • Crane mounting
    Deck and crane mount engineering on Defender 3
  • Fully loaded
    Full load (48 hives) traversing tiger country.
  • Super up
    ApiJuneda AJ-2006H mounted on IFOR Williams LM127 trailer. Talk to James about this trailer at
  • Bee wrangling
    If the swarmed queen enters new hive we are set.
  • Night work
    Transporting bees at nights
  • Kiwifruit pollination
    How I spend my evenings from Oct to Dec
  • Poisoned bees
    Careless orchard spraying kills bees
  • Large swarm
    Swarmed bees trouping into box
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383A Lockington Road
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383A Lockington Road
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Mob:0275 473 428